Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The CPC Month

In July i was in spain for most of the month which gave me time to think about alot of things, mostly poker ofcourse ;-D. That month i started to speak to adam who is the manager of sunpoker the site i play on and i asked him if he can do some leaderboard promotions for the CPC (Caribbean Poker Classic)
He agreed to do a leaderboard promotion for august.

When i got back from spain i decided this was gonna be the month i take poker serious, so therefore i was playing 7days per week throughout the month 8-10 hours per day, which paid off as i won the leaderboard promotion for a CPC lite package and also won the poker champions game for another of those packages and a seat in the Champion of Champions game which is $1k per player paid by crypto. Also won many other mtts than month and with rake made a total profit of $20,000.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Firstly, I will introduce myself. My name is Matthew Lewis, I am 22 years of age and im from Bradford, West Yorkshire. I have been playing poker since i was 17 years old poker just started to be shown on tv at the time and me and serval friends at college was really board so one suggested to play "No Limit Texas Holdem". I was thinking to my self "Boring!!!" but decided to join in anyway. So we went to the shop outside college and bought some match sticks (As Chips) and a deck of cards. After running through the rules for about 30mins we started to play for money. Ten Pence blinds and all had about £3 on us to play with, after playing for 30mins i was over £7 up and could not believe how easy this game was and after that we played daily which i made a minimum of £3 per day. Paid for my daily KFC :-D!

Afew months later one of my friends comes into college and says to everyone "OMG I Won £120 Last night!". I could not believe this as he was alot better player than him and i was making a mear £3 per day. I asked him how he did it and he says to me "Online man! you really need to play, they are all fish!" But at that time i had no internet at home so couldnt play.

Afew years later i got a broadband connection at home and started to play online £1, £3 and some £5 10man stts or 6pacs and started to win from the go, making an avg of £100-£150 per week. This was untill last year when i met a player online called "Luckypom" This guy was winning Hundreads per night from mtts (Multi Table Tournaments)

Since watching this guy and he helped me in many games so i learnt how to play them in the same way he did. After afew months i then started to get the results i have always wanted. Making £2k + per month.